Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick Vegetable and Ham Fried Rice

Make this fried rice to please yourself and your tastes.  The main point is that this is easy and quick so there is no need to buy takeaway foods.  Kids love this as well. Good as a side dish or light main meal.

Add any left over cooked or frozen vegetables or meats.  Add chopped cooked egg - a left over frittata is yummy - or beat one or two eggs with salt and pepper and good pinch of chicken stock powder then make a space and place in middle of wok and stir through until cooked - mix through the rice.  Add ginger and garlic ir desired and chili sauce or chopped chili. Garnish with chopped spring onions / parsley / cilantro. 

Use day old rice as it is dryer and will prevent gluggy fried rice.
Add Thai sweet chili sauce for a little more spiceness.
Any cooked leftovers meats such as bbq chicken or prawns can be stirred through.
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