Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Creamy Scrambled Eggs

Ingredients to serve one person.
2 eggs local fresh free range eggs - taste better, 1 tablespoon of skim milk, salt and pepper to taste, knob of good quality butter

Equipment: mixing bowl, non-stick fry pan/skillet - size of pan depends on how many eggs you want to cook. If pan to big eggs spread out thinly, get dry and overcooked! Serving plate.

Cooktown Cook's How to:
Crack eggs into bowl, add salt and pepper to taste, add milk (1 -2 tablespoons) and 'wisk' with a fork until combined. Place skillet on medium/high heat, easier to manage heat with a gas stove, and add the knob of butter. Once butter has melted and sizzles a little and has a little foam add the beaten eggs immediatly so the butter doesn't brown. After adding the eggs to the buttered pan - I use butter rather than oil or cooking spray to add flavour as we like the taste - wait a little until you see the eggs start to 'set' into curds then immediatly stir the set egg to let runny egg spread over pan. Main thing is to prevent eggs getting overcooked. Keep moving eggs in this way until enough of the eggs are set. Remove pan from stove while eggs are still slightly underdone as they continue to cook. If you like your eggs dryer then hold in the pan a fraction longer before plating. Plate up the eggs and garnish if desired with a sprinkle of fresh parsely have buttered toast on the side - we don't like soggy toast so don't put the hot eggs on the toast. If having a 'big breakfast' you may also have cooked vine tomatoes, mushrooms and/or sausages as well. Serve immediatly.

Cleaning up.
When working with eggs they can stick to bowls and cutlery if hot water is used first. Rinse any egg coated dish or pan in cold or tepid water to remove any egg residue then wash well it in hot soapy water. Be careful with eggs as salmonella bacteria can cause food poisoning. Know where your eggs come from. Be sure the eggs you buy are fresh and have always been refrigerated and keep the eggs in the refrigerator until you use them. Serve any foods with lightly cooked eggs immediately, or chill at once to serve cold. Do not let these chilled foods stand at room temperature long enough to warm up.

Careful hand washing prior to cooking and through the cooking process with hot soapy water and before handling. Keep work areas, tools and equipment clean.

Other ways to do scrambled eggs:
Gordon Ramsay and other Youtubers scrambled eggs videos.
Try different methods and see what you like.
Comment with suggestions :-) or links to good cooking videos.
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